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Piedmont Minor Emergency Clinic

8  Reviews

(404) 585-3644
2521 Piedmont Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30324
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Phone Numbers

(404) 585-3644


Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, STD Testing, Sinus Infection, Migraine, X-Ray, UTI


Urgent Care

Recommended Reviews

Average Rating (8)


Customer Service and Doctors care were excellent. The wait was only a few minutes and the staff really seemed to care. Looks like I'll go back again when I need the care.


I went to the place for my annual physical. The doctor (Walker) was really good and professional. I never had a doctor spent more than 5 minutes with me. She spent about 15-20. The staff was friendly and I didn't wait much (granted I went early in the morning). in general, I do recommend the place, and keep in mind this is a clinic and not an ER.


The staff was friendly and competent. Dr. Salinas came in within 10 minutes after I was taken to my room. He checked me out and I was given a prescription and was out of the clinic within another 10 minutes. I have actually been to the clinic several times over the years. I usually have been treated pretty well and it definitely seems like the secret is in getting the right doctor.


I was so sick with a sinus infection that I went to Piedmont Minor Emergency Clinic and was able to be seen and treated on a Sunday morning when everyone else was closed with no wait or appointment. Great place and the staff was fantastic.


I had an outstanding experience with Piedmont Minor Emergency Clinic. Today I was treated by Dr. Anthony Mills. I have suffered from Gout for about 15 years. The attacks while not frequent do occur every 12 months or so and are very painful. I used the clinic because it's fast and easy and I can get a hold of the neccessary medication to alleviate the pain quickly. For 15 years whenever an attack would happen I'd see a doctor who'd tell me that a range of things could trigger an attack and that I needed to lose weight. Fair enough but I have lost 45 lbs. in the last 6 months making the mystery behind this attack all the more perplexing. In addition doctors had always told me that taking indomethacin for a 5 to 10 day period was the best way to treat the attack as opposed to colchicine. What a difference a doctor makes! Dr. Mills gave me more information on this condition than all of the doctors I have seen for last 15 years put together! He informed me that the best way (and fastest and most effective) was to take the both the indomethacin and colchicince together at the same time and while the indomethacin will work to take away the swelling and inflamation the colchicine would work to reduce my uric acid levels (the cause of the gout in the first place). In addition he told me the I would not need to take the meds over a preiod of days but rather the solution of taking the two together would cure the attack in just 1 day after 1 or 2 doses leaving the rest of my meds for future attacks so I don't need to go to the doctor every time this happens which obviously makes a huge difference. Lastly he informed on what will trigger attacks. It wasn't so much my weight or what I was eating or drinking but rather a combination of things all at once out of my routine that "shocks" my system resulting in an attack. Kudos and thank you to Dr. Mills for not only better treating my condition but also taking the extra time to inform me on why it happens how to better prevent it from happening in the future explaing to me the nature of the condition and more than anything else saving me future money and time by reducing doctor visits and prescription costs in treating it. I'll be forever thankful Rick D


What a great and friendly place, i want to thank the staff, great job, this place was kind, nice and very, very helpful, they gave me 5 star health care service‎


Took my husband after he had an accident. They were very friendly and prompt. I highly recommend to anyone.


I went there after slipping on the ice during one of our rare Atlanta snowstorms. I was certainly glad that this clinic was near my home and open because I was not able to get to my regular doctor's office. The staff was friendly and professional. After taking xrays, they assured me that my injuries were not serious. I'm still a little sore but already starting to get a little better. I strongly recommend this clinic!!!

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