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Padberg Jean & Associates PC

13  Reviews

(404) 325-5858
3136 Clairmont Rd Ne
Brookhaven, GA 30329-1016
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(404) 325-5858

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My daughter's visa TD was denied in Mexico and I thought it would take a long time to be solved. My husband and I visited several lawyers but they couldn’t solve the problem. So we went to Jean Padberg and Associates where we knew Audra and she solved the problem in a very professional, polite way and a short time. I really recommend the services they provide. I am very grateful with them.


I came to America with many questions about how to proceed with my process of EB1 and thanks to Jean Padberg, went very well advised and instructed. All questions I had were answered promptly, as Jean worked seriously and with great honesty, knowledge, commitment and professionalism. Because of their work, today I and my family have our Green Card and our good standing in a record time of 7 months. Thank you so much Jean Padberg & Associates.


I came to America with many questions about how to proceed with my process of EB1 and thanks to Jean Padberg, went very well advised and instructed. All questions I had were answered promptly, as Jean worked seriously and with great honesty, knowledge, commitment and professionalism. Because of their work, today I and my family have our Green Card and our good standing in a record time of 7 months. Thank you so much Jean Padberg & Associates.


We got Audra as our attorney at Jean Padberg and associates for our immigration case. I’m impressed by how meticulously and promptly our case was handled. Unlike attorneys who sit on letters for days before notifying, she’d e-mail and notify us the very day she received any notice, detailing our next course of action. We received an RFE, she e-mailed the notice the same day, I managed to get the proof and dropped it in her mail box by night. Before noon next day she had reviewed and mailed the response! Things like that, plus their knowledge and experience really helped us in getting our case approved! I recommend them to anyone in need of a RELIABLE immigration attorney!


Well, I was very anxious and nervous about the entire green card application process: not sure where to start from, and aware of several colleagues being denied such. Then a few friends who actually did get their green cards recommended Jean Padberg. And it was a match made in heaven: she is very competent, and sincere. She was upfront with my chances, spent good amount of time walking me through the process; but above all she was very efficient (really quick to turn things around). I am a person that calls and asks lots of questions, and she always picked up the phone and / or returned my emails immediately. I am extremely happy how professional, efficient and knowledgeable she is.


Hi everybody, I just wanted to share the best experience I have had with Immigration Attorney firm Jean Padberg and associates. I would recommend them to have business with. They are highly professional, honest and clear. They do their job fast and accurate, which was very critical for me. I know all international people would like to have their desired status as soon as possible. I have got my I-140 approval three monthes later after application, and my I-485 two monthes later. I have filed them separately, but some people do it concurrently, it takes less time for waiting decision. Now I have got my Green card which I am very happy about.


I highly recommend you work with Jean Padberg and her staff for your immigration needs as she is professional, honest and truly cares for her clients. In my case, she did an outstanding job and we were able to have my case [a self-petition in the category EB2 - NIW] adjudicated in a record time. Now, that might not be everyone's luck, but you are sure to have your application to be accurate and complete in all its parts with a minimal risk for RFE's (Request for Evidence). After that, it's in the hands of the Immigration officers. Why do I recommend Jean? My lawyer-hunting process started in October 2009 - I inquired with over 15 lawyers and law firms, the majority of which highly disappointed me. Some people asked for exorbitant lawyer fees ($7,000 - $10,000), others admitted they never handled a case in my category/field of work and yet offered their highly costly professional services with promises of success, and others made it seem like my case was bullet-proof simply to lure me into hiring them. In the end, only three lawyers made the cut, but Jean stood out and got selected because of the following: 1) She was honest about my chances upfront and did not sugarcoated my case simply for the sake of getting more business. She gave me a fair assessment, she warned me of the limitations accompanying my possible adjudication, and she spoke the truth, which I believe is a rare occasion in a world filled with shark lawyers!. 2) Her policy is to be paid half of the fees upfront and half only upon positive outcome from the application. That is a sign of commitment and vested interest on her part. If you "go down", she "go down" with you. 3) She manages a small/midsize law firm, which means each client gets excellent attention to his/her case. 4) She comes highly recommended from other noteworthy Immigration lawyers in the Atlanta Area as being an ethical person as well as a great law practitioner. I learned this about Jean only after having hired her, but that was a welcomed boost of confidence that I had made a good choice for my dollars. Overall, the preparation of my application was a smooth process. Jean did an excellent work, her turn-around time was great; she took the time to sit down with and guide me, she carefully reviewed all the material and was always easy to reach when needed. In conclusion, I only have words of praise for Jean as I could have not hoped for a better service, with or without the positive outcome. I can truly say that she did everything by the book and was professional in every manner. My money and hopes turned out to be in very good hands!


As a graduate from a technical school it was very important for me to work with a lawyer who has experience in immigration cases (Green card) for techie people. I found the law firm of Jean Padberg and Associates through a recommendation and positive experience of a colleague. But what I really liked about Ms. Padberg and her associates, was their sincere concern and friendliness, and at the same time their high level of accuracy and confidence.


When I was in New York, I consulted an immigration attorney, and found their attorney fee was ridiculously high! I also asked one of my friends about his attorney, but he complained that his attorney was so slow that his documents was delayed a couple of times! I also contacted another attorney introduced by my friend, who replied my e-mail one week later…… Finally, one friend introduced his attorney JEAN to me. He told me only one thing: “she is very quick and efficient!” Then I found the VERY ATTORNEY I was looking for! Jean is unbelievably confident, knowledgeable and efficient. Besides, she charges quite reasonably. We did have some hard times, but Jean helped me go through smoothly and successfully, and I got my visa much faster than all my friends! I am feeling so lucky of finding such a great attorney! Highly recommended!


11-06-08 Tatyana. I was not succeeded visiting several offices of famous lawyers in Atlanta for Green Card application. I have medical background and work at Emory as a researcher. My friend recommended me Jean Padberg @ Associates. After reviewing my documents Jean Padberg did not demand from me more than 10 publications in Science and did not ask to obtain American PHD degree as previous lawyers did. She professionally helped me at each step to submit strong NIW case. Jean and her stuff are very welcoming, patient, friendly and helpful with translation and immigration updates. They guide you with Letters of Recommendation and you can limit your visit by e-mail communication. Each visit you talk to Jean personally and get updated professional consultation for affordable price. My colleague started similar case at different lawyer and switched to Jean Padberg. Our cases were approved and me and my colleague got Green Cards in 1,5 years. When I have questions now I e-mail it to Jean and get the answer in full and promptly. I and my friends strongly recommended Jean Padberg @Associates as immigration service.


Jean is not only a very professional and knowledgable immigration lawyer, she is also a very nice and kind person, same are her associates. They handle every case carefully. I have gone through my H-1B and immigration with them and very satisfied. Highly recommended.


Jean Padberg and associates is very professional and friendly people. Jean Padberg filed our permanent residency petitions. She is clear in what she expects from us and vice versa. I was particularly impressed with her straight-taking. She assessed our case/resume and had a frank evaluation line-listing of the strengths and weaknesses with respect to the intended petition. She discussed what effect this petition would have on our priorities and our commitments and also made us understand the nuances of the immigration process. When stumbled by a mix up at USCIS, she came up with an alternate solution that made us breathe. I find this extremely unique as she frankly admits that she is not interested in encouraging people filing weak permanent residency petitions because it is their life at stake. This is something often misconstrued as she is blunt and would take only “safe cases”. I still remember her words, “I can say you have a great case and let us file it and take my fees but I rather not do it unless you have a good chance because if denied your future is in jeopardy. So I rather assess and let you know the realities than give false confidence for the sake of your fees”. I think it is wise to have an attorney who is frank and practical rather than one who nods for anything and everything you say, take the fees and later let us scramble for life. If you agree with me then JP is your attorney. A word of advice: do not try to bargain/negotiate your fees as I feel it often hurts her professional esteem.


I have used services of Jean Padberg & Assoc for all my immigration applications. I'm definitely satisfied with their case preparation and prompt response to my queries in all my cases as I had unique scenario in my case. I especially liked the personalized case preparation when I had USCIS inquiry on one of my applications. You need lawyers help most when you have query on your case and they were there for me. I strongly recommend this company for your immigration cases.

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