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by dj106tw
Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:21 am
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Starting Thanksgiving day we are a bit heavier (1-2 per hour) through the weekend, then we back way off and gradually work back up towards X-Mas
by dj106tw
Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:42 pm
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Topic: Am I the Only one who doesn't get Bobby Bones???
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Re: Am I the Only one who doesn't get Bobby Bones???

The show is SOOOOO bad. I can't believe stations (especially ones up against live and local morning shows) that carry his show have success in the mornings slot. It's such a bad show, chaotic mess
by dj106tw
Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:33 pm
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Topic: Radio Station in New York
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Radio Station in New York

Why does the New York City Metro not have a country station?? Between CC and CBS I'd like to think it could be done..It seems like it would be something popular in town considering the SOLD OUT Zac Brown Band Show Saturday night and the fact there Country has evolved over the last few years and is a...