My Rant About News Coverage

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My Rant About News Coverage

Post by geon » Fri May 15, 2015 12:52 pm

I have a real problem with Fox News radio.

After I logged on and signed in at another online political forum this morning I found out about BB King's death.

I listen to a radio station which subscribes to Fox News Radio updates at :60 and :30.

And neither the local nor the network even mentioned his passing until after noon EST.

That is outrageous.

I don't know if it was because the adults didn't come on duty until after noon, or if they think BB King wasn't important enough or because he was Black or what.

But it is inexcusable. Why should I listen to their network or their local station if they can't or won't serve my news needs as well as a liberal station?

That reminds me of a station where I once worked as a board op when the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up over the US Southwest and the weekend producer continued broadcasting the local mortgage show rather than interrupting that show to take the network news feed for this obviously more important breaking news event of historic proportions.

And that station promoted itself as the News Leader in that metropolitan market!

I was astonished and furious and for that exact reason, or more to the point, for what that said about the management, I gave notice and moved to a different region and a new station.


By the way, I usually defend Fox News because I believe it is generally head and shoulders better than the rest.

But when they are wrong I have no problem slamming them.

And waiting 4+ hours before mentioning the passing of a music legend like BB King is absolutely indefensible for any news department, local or national.

I intend to find a different station to listen to, but there is no better news network to switch to, so I will find a better News/Talk station which is a Fox News affiliate.

News is important to listeners.

Hire people who realize this!

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Re: My Rant About News Coverage

Post by dwc151 » Sat May 16, 2015 12:54 pm

Does your station only take the first 3 minutes of the Fox News update? I think it was in the the final two minutes for the morning news.

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