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Net Talk • Is everyone aware of the car HD Radio investgations?
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Is everyone aware of the car HD Radio investgations?

Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:14 pm
by hdradiofarce
"HD Car Radio Investigation"

"Consumer statutes and laws protect the purchasers of products such as HD car radios. A party may be legally liable for statements, omissions or misrepresentations of material facts that should have been know to be false or misleading and promoted the sale of the product. Such laws protect innocent consumers from unlawful and deceptive practices. The victims of questionable business practices by parties such automobile manufacturers are the consumers who purchase or lease cars with HD car radios at significantly increased costs when these devices fail to function as they are represented to work. As news develops and the investigation proceeds, Keefe Bartels, LLC will carefully monitor events and research all relevant laws." ... gation.asp

"HD Radio: Investigation of consumer complaints"

The law firms said they are getting lots of complaints, and that consumers are VERY angry. Let's hope these reach class-action status by consumers and broadcasters (HD and non-HD). The discovery-phases alone will last forever, and cost iBiquity a fortune. Just wait until these go to trial in New Jersey Federal Distric Court where damages are tripled.