What does it take to get your internet cast PODCASTED??

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What does it take to get your internet cast PODCASTED??

Post by bruciebruce » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:41 am

I'm a Student at BEONAIR.com Cleveland campus! Doing studio hours for internet broadcast!!! Brought up to ed.dept that broadcast should be podcasted for students to reveiw their work...Said that they would..but i'm curius as to what exactly it takes to have a podcast put out on the netwaves...

Like i said i'm a student so's i'm tryna get as much knowledge as I can on this ever expanding industry here...any feed back direction or education would be greatfully received!!!

thanks y'all!



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Re: What does it take to get your internet cast PODCASTED??

Post by diofan » Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:43 pm

Can be easily done using a couple different methods. I use SAM Broadcaster to broadcast my show, If you use that, simply set up another encoder to record an MP3 of your show. Alternatively, you can also use Audacity and record the show on it.

Here's the steps for SAM Broadcaster:
Adding an mp3 Encoder for archiving the live show.
Encoding mp3s from your live broadcast is one of the easiest ways for broadcasters to archive and podcast that favorite show
How To Set Up an archiving Encoder
* Go to the Encoders window in your product
* In the Encoders window click on the '[+]' button
* Choose the Encoder you wish and click 'OK'.
o Note: Sam supports archiving in MP3 (Normal), AAC (including aacPlus) and mp3PRO streaming.
On the Converter tab:
* Set Quality to 'Medium'
* Under Format select the bitrate that Produces a quality archive.
* Check 'Auto Start encoder after 5 seconds' you wish your stream to auto start.
* Be sure that 'Allow scripts in stream' is unchecked.
Server Details tab:
* Server type is No Server
* Server Details: NA
Stream Archive
* Check the stream archive box
* filename: Click on the Envelope symbol and and pick a location for your archive
File Split options Please Choose one
* New file for each session
* Overwrite Files for each session
* Resume With same file for each session
* New file every xx minutes
* New file every xx mb.
* Press ok and you are ready to archive your show as it happens.

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Re: What does it take to get your internet cast PODCASTED??

Post by pieapple » Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:22 am

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