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Social Media and Radio

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:15 am
by rogerwimmer
Hello, Doctor! First time around. I hope to learn much from you and your visitors. Here is my question: I see many people talking about the importance of social media, especially about Twitter. Indeed, it is a great tool for interacting with our listeners, but sometimes I think many people over-estimate its figures. I hear them saying that “many people” responded to a determined topic, but when you go and see, there are only 20 or 50 messages, maybe a hundred. I also have seen people that feel bad because of one or two comments about their show, and then they start making changes and worrying all the time because of that. Having in mind that in a determined moment you can have thousands of listeners listening to your show, that you don't know who they are or what are their intentions, and that they may even be of a different target, don't you think the same? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Best regards - Maria

Maria: Welcome to the column. On to your question . . .

If you’re asking if anyone at a radio station should make decisions about programming or anything related to the radio station based on comments made on any of the social media, the answer is “No.” As you indicated, there is no way to know where the messages originated or who actually wrote the note. For all anyone knows, all of the comments about a radio show (or anything else about the radio station) could be made by people who work for competing radio stations in the market.

Unless the respondents are verified and screened, the comments made on social media about radio or any other topic are virtually useless for any decision-making purposes.

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