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Text and Email Number Codes

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:29 am
by rogerwimmer
Doc: A few years ago you answered a question about using the numbers 459 at the end of texts and emails and my wife and I have used the code since then. You explained that 459 was a shorthand or code for “I Love You,” where the numbers represent a phone’s dial pad, where 4=I, 5=L, and 9=Y. During the past few months, we have been using a longer code: 459 682 (or 459682 without a space), where 682 represents the first letters of “More Than Anything.” We both like the “I Love You More Than Anything” code, but is there something else could we use other than “More Than Anything?” I’m just a curious person. Thanks. - Steve

Steve: Interesting question. I know many people use the 459 code and I’m sure that there are many more codes I don’t know about. You want an alternative to “More Than Anything?” More than anything? That’s a lot. I thought about this for a while and came up with something you might like to use, but then again, maybe not.

Let’s see…more than anything. How about “Infinity” since that’s an undetermined space, but it sounds good: “More Than Infinity.” The number code would be 459 684 (or 459684 without a space), where 4 = I (Infinity). But I thought that 459 684 was a little boring and came up with this:

459 > ∞

The horizontal 8 is the math symbol for Infinity and is typed using Alt + 236 (Hold down the Alt key and type 236 using the number pad). If that doesn’t work, you can always copy and paste the code shown above, or do a search on the Internet and copy the images you’ll find in the search for “Infinity symbol.” By the way, the “greater than” or “more than” symbol is above the period key on a keyboard.

But wait! There is more. Another word for Infinity is Lemniscate. What? Yes, that’s a real word that was first used in the 1600s or so.

To hear a pronunciation of lemniscate, click here.

For more information about lemniscate, click here.

I’m sure you and others will probably develop more codes for Infinity and Lemniscate. “I Love More Than Lemniscate.” Wow. Have a good time.

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