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Net Talk • The Answer Radio Show Ends after 35 years
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The Answer Radio Show Ends after 35 years

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:09 pm
by jgibsonatrl
The end of the road for a long-time St. Louis personality Stel Pontikes and The Answer Radio Show.
Heard Stel Pontikes on the air Sunday morning saying that next week would be the end of "The Answer Radio Show," thus ending 35 consecutive years on the air in St. Louis which commenced back when Richard Miller owned Album Rock station KADI 96.3 FM (could've still been at 96.5 then) some 35 years ago in 1975.

A couple of years later, Stel would move to 98.1, which was then Bartell Broadcasting's KSLQ, and eventually the station would be sold to EZ Communications and become KYKY Y98, and Stel continued aboard at Y98 until a year or two ago when "The Answer" was relocated to Y98 sister station KEZK, both stations now owned by CBS Radio.

Stel will continue on at CBS operating "The Spirit" at 102-5 KEZK HD-2, which is a Christian version of "The Arch" or "Jack FM," which plays an excellent mix of Contemporary Christian music from the 70s until Today, a much wider and more upbeat variety of music than JoyFM... Check it out online at ... ation=8748 if you don't have HD... ... hread=8252